about us

integrated industry systems

The original company Inisys was formed in 1999 in Dublin, Ireland.  In a short time the Irish company became very successful and was the first automation company of its size in Ireland to obtain the ISO 9000:2000 TickIT accreditations for design and management of software.

Inisys Africa (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2004 and merged businesses with Antrim TSS, in Johannesburg, to help with the demands of the Irish office using the same high quality standards set by the Irish company. Antrim had the CAD and Drawing services capibilities that Inisys required for their plant automation and control systems projects. In November 2012 inisys Africa launched its Durban offfice.

inisys Africa approach is to form an open book partnership with our clients which inevitably leads to good relationships with all the stakeholders to accomplish a successful project. Due to this success, it has led to our slogan Solutions through Partnership.