Plant Solutions

inisys Plant Solutions, Capturing Today To Use Tomorrow

As plants evolve over the years, there are numerous changes to plant assets which are not necessary reflected in the existing document management system. This gap between what is actually out in the plant and what is on existing drawings in the office generates time consuming exercises and resources for shutdown preparations or any changes to a brownfield plant.

Using our high definition laser scanners, inisys can capture point cloud images and then manipulate these images with Leica CloudWorx® and TruView® software so that this information can become available almost immediately for use. From this inisys can produce intelligent 3D plant model drawings, ISO’s, P&ID’s, Bills of Materials and many more deliverables with Autodesk® products. These digital representations of assets can be incorporated into the existing document management systems or into Autodesk Vault®. Our clients are now able to reap the cost saving benefits from as-built conditions of their plants by providing digital equivalents of their assets.

With inisys´ experience in Plant Automation & Control Systems it also enables them to interrogate existing systems and create as-built documentation such as software and hardware design specifications, maintenance manuals etc. for maintenance/turnaround departments and future upgrades.